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Find Guidance in your Healing Journey

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Holisting guides you in your healing journey by offering unique holistic experiences and connecting you to the right coaches and therapists.

Unique experiences

Holisting Retreats & Experiences

Our Holisting Retreats and Experiences are a blend of curated holistic activities and discoveries, cultural immersion in extraordinary locations, unforgettable moments with like-minded people, and personalised guidance. All of them are uniquely designed for bringing you closer to your authentic Self.

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Holisting Coaches & Therapists

Find the right guidance

We collaborate with passionate holistic coaches and therapists, who truly vibrate for energy and natural healing. 

All of them have their unique blend of knowledge, interests and expertise, which offers you a multitude of possibilities for your healing journey. 

Holisting Coaches & Therapists


Reiki・Kinesiology・Yin Yoga・Cranosacrial therapy

Issrae Ouassima

Roses therapy・Tarology・Shamanic healing・Naturopathy


Body Talk・Ayurveda・Holistic Nutrition・Akashic Records



Enjoy meeting your true Self

About Holisting

Meet Alexandrine

With Holisting, I combined many passions of mine: travel, holistic & spiritual realm, culture and hospitality. 

I’m Digital Nomad, so I’m always on the go to visit the beauty of our planet Earth. This is how I could find those very special places and hotels to host the Holisting Retreats. Also, because I’m coming from the luxury hospitality management, and I strongly value excellent service. I want to offer the retreat participants an unforgettable time, where they are taken care of as no one ever did! I speak 4 languages and have immersed myself in various countries & cultures since I’m 18. I really enjoy discovering new way of thinking, of living, of seeing the world. I do think that this helps opening oneself and therefore, being more apt to see other perspectives about oneself too. Last but not least, I’ve always been very open to the unseen, and as a high-sensitive person, I believe in the immense power of our energies. We are Nature, and I aim to share many aspects of it during the retreats.

Don't forget to be fully yourself.