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Speaks English・Thai

Sukhmanee’s specialty is integrating Ayurveda together with Astrology. And that both are intertwined together which is seen in the practice of herbalism & astrology. As An Ayurvedic Astrologer, she helps truth seekers uncover their soul’s path. She uses these time-tested philosophies to find our fullest potential, share our gifts, and feel healthy and vibrant.

As a triple Sagittarius and with the Sun, Moon and Mercury all in the 12th house, there is no doubt that intuition and healing arts play a huge role in Sukhmanee’s practices and guidance. 

Sukhmanee's practices

“Herbalism is based on the relationship between plants and humans, plants and planets, and humans and planets.” - Wendell Berry

1:1 Sessions

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Soul-aligned Astrology Session

Online or in Person・60 min ・ This reading is a deep dive into your soul’s blueprint. Whether you are seeking more clarity in your career or life purpose or you are going through a career transition or identity shift, this consultation will help clarify it for you. This reading also benefits those who would like to understand themselves emotionally, physically & spiritually through their natal chart.

Relationship-focused Astrology Reading

Online or in Person ・ 60 min ・ Are you falling in love? or are you falling out of love? or perhaps you are interested in getting into a business partnership with a friend? This reading helps you to navigate the potential between you and the other individual on a long-term basis. This reading does not have to be for a romantic interest only but can be done with a friend, a business partner, or acquaintances. The consultation will touch on individual natal charts, synastry charts, and composite charts.

Astro-herbalism with Naturopathy Consultation

Online or in Person ・ 90 min ・ In this unique consultation, we explore the zodiac sign, planets, and house placement in your natal chart that correlates with the physical body for deeper healing. We look at what elements (earth, air, water & fire) are in excess or deficient. What areas of the vital force are being suppressed? Herbs, diet, and lifestyle suggestions will be recommended accordingly to the treatment plan. Here I utilize my background as a naturopathic practitioner, Ayurveda, and medical astrology to understand the root cause of your conditions & offer you deeper healing through the connection between the plants, you, and the planets.

Initial Naturopathy Consultation with Ayurveda

Online or in Person ・ 90 min ・ Naturopathy takes into consideration a holistic perspective (mind, body, spirit) to treat your health conditions. The purpose of the consultation is to get to the root cause of your symptoms rather than masking symptoms with band-aid solutions. During the consultation you will be asked questions about your health history, family history, presenting complaints, past and current medications/supplements, diet, and lifestyle. A treatment plan will be sent to your email which includes diet, lifestyle, herbal, and supplements recommendations depending on your needs and Ayurvedic dosha imbalances (Vata, Pitta or Kapha).


Find a programme with Sukhmanee

Ayurveda & Astrology Mentorship Program

from $1,500
Online ・60 min call every week for 3 or 6 months ・This mentorship program integrates Ayurveda together with Astrology. The first month covers the foundation of Ayurveda. You will learn the three doshas in depth (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), and how these elements are present in the mind, body, and spirit. You will understand what aggravates these elements and how to detect any of these imbalances occurring in the mind, body, and spirit & how to balance them. Next 2 Months, We will Deep dive into Astrology. You will begin to see how Ayurveda is integrated into Astrology. Specifically how the doshas are also present in the planets and the zodiac signs.

Embodied Self-care and Lifestyle Coaching for Women Program

Online ・3 months ・This mentorship program is catered to help you learn the art of receiving, and how to start listening to your body and getting in touch with your inner priestess and creatrix. The program integrates tools from Ayurveda, Astrology, and Tantra. You will: - Learn about the art of creating rituals and bringing rituals into your daily routines to elevate yourself and your spiritual health. - Learn the ways of implementing the 5 senses into your daily routines. - Dance, meditation, and movement practices. - Learn to implement a healthy diet, herbs, and lifestyle tips from a naturopathy and ayurveda perspective specifically to your individual health concerns. - Learn about the four phases of the menstrual cycle; you will understand the four cycles in correlation to the four seasons and the archetype Goddesses associated with these four cycles. You will learn what exactly to eat and lifestyle practices during the four cycles of your moon time. Personal guidance on balancing your hormones. This depends if you are experiencing any symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as persisting acne, irregular periods, or thyroid issues. I will work with you and cater to your diet, herb suggestions, and lifestyle accordingly. Accountability to keep up with your practices. Guidance on developing a healthy relationship with yourself and physical health. For example, we will look into your astrology chart and see what are some of the most aligned self-care practices that you can start implementing yourself. What areas of your relationship with self and others are being impacted and how to work through them? This coaching program depends on individual needs and what you want to work on and weekly sessions and tools are given to you are arranged accordingly to your needs.