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Find the perfect holistic coach or therapist for your healing journey.

Sabine’s practices assist you in clearing any limiting beliefs, expanding your life and anchoring your dreams into your reality by connecting on a deeper level with your soul, body and earth. She will provide you with different tools that support you in your expansion journey.

With words, sound and magic, Issrae Ouassima will guide you through trips to help you find answers and practical support. She helps you connect with and celebrate your soul’s exhilaration and joy through your body, work, and relationships.

As an Ayurvedic Astrologer, Sukhmanee helps truth seekers uncover their soul’s path. She uses these time-tested philosophies to find our fullest potential, share our gifts, and feel healthy and vibrant.

Aniko helps you reconnect with your body. She clarifies, simplifies and helps you remove any blocks that are in the way of experiencing thriving health.

Get Ready to dive deep in your inner world with the passionate Holisting coaches and therapists.

You are not sure which could could help you? Or which practice would be helpful for your situation?