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Aniko helps you reconnect with your body. She clarifies, simplifies and helps you remove any blocks that are in the way of experiencing thriving health.  So many people go through life feeling imbalanced and disconnected from their bodies. It’s often because of their nervous systems being too overstimulated to heal properly. When our nervous systems are balanced, we can begin a simple and easeful journey into overcoming even the most challenging health conditions.

Aniko's practices

“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.”, Bruce Lipton

1:1 Sessions

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Holistic Nutrition, Mindful Eating and Ayurvedic Wellness

Online ・60 min ・ A truly holistic approach to nutrition focuses not only on what you are eating, but also on who you are as an eater. Together we will look at what your relationship with food is, how you do or don’t nourish yourself, what thoughts and emotions are preventing your body from receiving nourishment from the foods that you eat, what food choices would be the most harmonious for your unique constitution, and more. Whether you want to achieve weight loss, heal from illness, feel more vibrant, get off the hamster-wheel of fad dieting, or simply improve your relationship with your body, we will approach these goals by honoring all aspects of your being: the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. Together, we will come up with a nourishing plan that is most resonant with your unique constitution. This plan will pave the way for major shifts in your health and wellbeing.

Body Talk Session

Online ・60 min ・ BodyTalk is a consciousness-based healing system that identifies and eliminates the underlying stressors and distortions in the mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies, so that your body can do what it is naturally designed to do—self heal! Using a form of structured intuition and neuromuscular feedback, I will pinpoint where there are distortions or communication breakdowns within your system. We will address these imbalances with powerful, non-invasive techniques that restore harmony and activate deep healing.

Intuitive Energy Healing and Clearing Session

Online ・60 min ・ This healing increases coherence within the light-body, so that all physical and energetic parts can communicate and heal more effectively. Any of the following may come up as a focus for the healing: chakra boosting and repair, aura strengthening, heart opening and de-armoring, cord cutting, soul fragment recovery, protection and shielding from lower vibrational energies, organ and/or other body part repair and regeneration, and overall frequency boosting. Other techniques, such as breath work, geometric resonance, embodied movement, or Akashic records guidance may also be included in the session to further support the healing process.