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Reiki・Kinesiology・Yin Yoga・Cranosacrial therapy

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Sabine’s approach is centered on wellness, transformation, and growth. Her methods empower you to transcend limiting beliefs, unveiling a world of boundless possibilities. Through the holistic alignment of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions, she assists in grounding your dreams into reality, nurturing a profound connection to the earth and nature.

With a range of tailored tools and programs, Sabine ensures that your energy is cleansed and you are well-equipped to flourish in both your personal and professional life. Embrace a future characterized by love, clarity, fulfillment, and balance.

Sabine's practices

“We carry inside of us the wonders we seek outside of us”, Rumi

1:1 Sessions

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Yin Yoga and Reiki Session

Online ・60 min ・ This class combines the powerful practice of Yin Yoga with the ancient healing modality of Reiki Healing Energy. The practice allows you to slow down, relax, rewind, supports alleviate stress and rejuvenation. Yin yoga is a passive practice in that you work to relax all of the muscles and stretch the ligaments, tendons and fascia, which will results in a longer resting length of your connective tissue. In Yin yoga, we “sink in” to poses, which are primarily done on the floor, for 3-5 minutes. This sinking may also affect your meridians, energy pathways along the body, inviting you to sink in to your subtle self as well. Yin yoga can be intense. Combining it with Reiki (an ancient Japanese method of healing) is nurturing and can be restorative on many levels. It is a great way to balance out the physical and emotional practices of your life!

1:1 Reiki Distance Healing Session

Online ・ 60 min ・ Reiki is a Japanese healing method that promotes the body's relaxation response and natural healing ability. Distance Reiki Healing helps you receive energetic healing energy that targets what is at the root of your challenge, struggle, or ailment. Reiki can be used to boost any part of your life’s journey including general Healing and well-being, receiving support by specific events and life shifts as well supporting you to reach your goals.


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Shamanic Reiki Level 1 or Level 2 Programme

Online or In Person・4 x 120 min ・Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation and resilience, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver healing frequencies to the body, improving the flow and balance of energy to support well being and natural expansion.

Reiki Master/Teacher Programme

Online ・2 x 120 min ・The path to a Reiki master certification begins with completing a Reiki level 1 and 2 course. The initiation, or attunement, is a sacred ceremony. The Reiki master teacher transmits the higher vibratory frequency of Reiki energy to the student, initiating a shift within their mind, body, and spirit. Many students consider this ceremony to be life-changing and transformative. At master and teacher level, courses often go deeper into Reiki treatments, protocols for specific ailments and provide instruction on how to attune others.

1:1 Soul, Body, Earth Connection Programme

Online or In Person・8 x 60 min ・This container supports you in connecting with your soul and body on a deeper level, grounding you further onto Mother Earth. When we experience trauma, it is common for the soul to leave the body to avoid pain or any other intense feelings. If this is the case, we may experience inability to be present in the moment, feelings of confusion, not knowing who we are and where we want to go, and all sorts of other insecurities and distortions. We may shy away from difficult situations or conversations, and we may have the tendency to choose the “easy” way out and stay in our comfort zones for decades, hiding ourselves, playing into and acting from our fears, and getting stuck in a loop that we can’t escape. In this program you will receive tools and techniques to aligne with yourself and the the present moment.

Self-Reinvention Programme

Online or In Person・8 x 60 min ・ Do you ever find yourself trying your hardest to change your reality, knowing that certain habits need to, yet nothing seems to be shifting for you? In this program you will receive tools and techniques to discover what is behind this stagnancy. We will open up new doors and explore new pathways in your life that will lead you to new energies, the reality you desire, and the newest, most aligned version of yourself.