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Issrae Ouassima

Roses therapy・Tarology・Shamanic healing・Naturopathy

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Speaks French・English・Arabic・Portuguese

As a real catalyst for change, Issrae Ouassima has many expertises to help you transcend your difficulties. Through naturopathy, tarot, shamanic healing, rose therapy, and many other practices, you’ll discover another realm.

Through words, sound and magic, she will guide you through trips to help you find answers and practical support. She recalls your Cosmic and eternal origin, source of Life and Force to face earthly difficulties. She helps you connect with and celebrate your soul’s exhilaration and joy through your body, work, and relationships.

Issrae Ouassima's practices

“If something happens in life, it happens FOR you…”, Issrae Ouassima

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Healing Shamanic Session

Online ・60 min ・ A multidisciplinary approach: I combine different techniques depending on the client and the purpose of the session. I offer - with my allies - shamanic healing, cosmic energy, I give channeled messages and teachings, supplemented with plant healing, maps, coaching tools to go deep. These sessions are not religious and are based on ancestral and energy practices recognized and taught for thousands of years. If you are a professional, do not hesitate to contact me if you feel stuck, lost in today's world, if you want to enrich your practice and develop your toolboxes, know how to handle difficult situations.

The Initiator Goddess of Men Session

Online ・45 min ・ Special session with Ouassima Issrae to find out: - What type of love relationships do you attract? - Why do you keep attracting these men/women? - The Specific Goddess Archetype that inhabits you in this lifetime? Who did y you came to embody? - What is your specific role as a woman in these times? - What are the wounds that are playing “underground” in your love relationships? - What is you creative/creation feminine power that needs to be expressed? What did you come to share with Men? - What planets touch the Goddess in you? etc.

Get Your Health Back Session

Online ・60 min ・ With this session, I offer you modern tools and at the same time ancestral practices to maintain optimal health. · I teach you how to improve your health and increase the level of your energy, to be able to overcome your limits, to face doubt and to regain confidence in your body. · My approach is holistic: in order to support you in the prevention and healing process, we address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements.